Building Trumpeter’s 1:35 Sturer Emil

Washed winter camo

Having finished the KV-1 yesterday, my fingers were itching already to start something new. This time, I’m going to build Trumpeter’s Sturer Emil in 1:35.

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Building Trumpeter’s 1:35 KV-1 Small Turret

Russian KV-1 Small Turret

It all started on a bored Sunday afternoon… I was browsing Ebay, looking for bargains out-there. Although, I’m anything but a WWII Russian tanks fanboy, after shortly reading up on the reviews this kit got, I was willing to spent up to 10 EUR on it. Especially, since the same guy was also selling Trumpeter’s  Sturer Emil in 1:35 so I could save on shipping costs and get two kits. Long story short, few days later the friendly postman dropped the package at our door.

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