My first shot at Mr. Surfacer 500

I was working on the Eduard 1:72 Mig-15 kit the last weeks and while the kit itself is simply awesome there are those nasty little gaps when you put the wings and fuselage together.

I was kind of unhappy with the Revell Plasto I have been using in the past but I decided to still give it a go since I had it available. I guess it was the last chance it got and it ruined it.

While at a scale model exhibition in Mainz today, I picked up a bottle of Mr. Surfacer 500 thinking of giving it a go. Once home, I immediately proceeded to my workbench and applied it using a toothpick. I must say it is awesome so far! It flows into the gaps without a problem (although it’s the supposedly not-so-runny 500 grade) and it levels out excellently. When dry in a few minutes, it shrinks a fair amount so you’ll have to re-apply it one or two more times.

I was a bit worried about the way I’m going to remove the excess. The guy I bought this from only had the 400ml Mr. Thinner which was a lot since I only plan to use it for this one purpose. What I decided to do was to try the 50%-50% mix of pure IPA (96% pure) and tap water, I usually take for thinning my Revell Aqua paints. Guess what! It’s working like a charm! I apply the IPA mix with a cotton swab, let it soak for a couple of seconds then start gently rubbing the surface alternating between the IPA soaked end and the dry end. All the excess if off in about 30 seconds.

After this first try, I’m very happy with the new acquisition! Highly recommended!

Update: I let Mr. Surfacer sit on the model for two days, without doing the cleanup. It’s now virtually impossible to remove it with IPA. Looks like it’s only working when you do the removal while it’s still fairly fresh. Slightly scratching the surface seems to help a bit, tough. Something to dig in mind for later…


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