Unboxing the Academy Minicraft 1:144 North American Mustang P-51D

We have lately really got into the habit of visiting the local flee markets in our area. Not really looking for anything but open to fun things.

The same happened last Saturday… While walking between the seller lines, I have noticed a small box in retro design, with the image of an airplane on it. At a second look, I was amazed to identify it as the Academy Minicraft 1:144 North American Mustang P-51D airplane kit!!! Not something you would find around these places, especially such “exotic” looking ones. I must admit, I was totally buffed by how attractive the box art was! One week later, I’m still hooked on it, to be honest!

01_box_01_web 02_box_02_web

I was even more amazed to see the box content was complete, the decals in an acceptable state and the clear parts still intact. You would understand that this is not something you leave laying around on a flee market!

The detailing is in line with what you could expect from a 1:144 kit from the 70s (it is actually a rebox from the 90s, but the content is about 40 years old). With 17 parts is probably not the more complex kit you’ll ever build but still something to have in your collection even (like I am) you’re not a WWII or even American plane fan boy.


There is some flash on the parts but nothing you wouldn’t be able to remove with a few swipes of your hobby knife. The panel lines are… well… exaggerated. But I think it’s still not a show stopper. But then again there are all the rivet counters out there which would just say “Nay… I won’t touch it!”. You go decide for yourself.


The clear parts sprue is limited to the cockpit only.


The decal sheet contains 11 elements which I would say is a fair amount for a plane in this scale.


The box also includes some metal parts for an in-flight plane support. Since they are really too large, it’s not something I would consider using but also something you don’t see too often with modern kits. Also worth mentioning the small tube of glue which is included.


As you might imagine, the instructions are not overly complicated. A simple A5 sheet with the explosion chart showing the upper and lower part, on one side and the colors and markings on the other side. Refreshingly simple!



That’s all folks! A nice kit which would make for an excellent present to a kid, the box is a great piece for your shelf and also not the regular P-51D.


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