Orange Hobby 1/350 Russian Corvette “Soobrazitelnyy” (Hull No. 531)

The kit comes packaged in a simple brown box with a rather attractive 3D rendering of the ship on the top of its sleeve-like cover.

Along with the 3D render of the ship, the four sides of the sleeve also feature a drawing hinting to the size of the model, further details in a 3D rendered image, as well as the PE and decal images.

The resin parts come packaged in bubble wrap, the PE and metal parts in a separate bag, the decal sheet covered by the standard protective paper and the instructions in form of several A4 sheets.

The hull and most of the upper structure is cast as one piece which will ease the assembly but also brings its own problems with it with a few sections of the superstructure showing casting issues. Nonetheless, the level of details is very good and will be further improved by the PE and metal parts.

The remaining components of the superstructure come packaged in plastic bags with several sprues in a single bag. The bags are on the small side of things so opening them and removing the sprues will require some attention not to damage the parts.

Speaking of sprues, this is something unusual with resin kits. The parts are attached pretty much like their styrene counterparts to trees and have their identification numbers cast along on the support. A nice touch!

There are some fine cast supports that are very fine and easy to remove. This, on the other side results in some of them being broken in the box which inevitably raises the question “Is this now supposed to be part of the kit or just cast artifacts? *head scratching*”.

The on-board Kamov Ka-27 helicopter is provided as a one-piece component even with a certain level of surface and cockpit detail. Unfortunately, no clear parts are provided for the cockpit so these will have to be replicated by silver paint and clear gloss. I think this is still acceptable at this scale.

If you look attentively, some of the parts will show fine lines specific to 3D printed parts but these are very dim and can probably be removed by careful sanding.

The PE and metal parts are definitely the highlight of this kit! There are seven (seven!!!) PE frets and several turned metal parts. Certainly not something for PE beginners but then again not impossible to coop with.

One thing that could be improved on this already great offering is the inclusion of some fine thread for the antennae. Not a big deal as not everybody is going to reproduce those but still…

The decal sheet is small and simplistic but so are the original ship markings. I cannot see anything obviously missing.

The instructions are provided as loose A4 sheets printed on both sides. The separate steps are bit crowded but still readable. The images even show which parts need to remain when removed from the casting blocks and which are part of it.

If we would be to look for possible improvements on the instructions, I would like to see more details concerning the PE part bending.

Last but not least, the final step in the instructions are showing a summary of the use colors. Consulting your references for details regarding the colors will probably be necessary.

This is really a great kit. It includes all that is necessary and you could expect from a high-end kit. PE and metal parts that are normally provided by after-market companies for prices that frequently exceed that of the basic kit, are all included. Then again, the same raises the difficulty level by quite a bit.

+ the only kit of the subject available in this scale
+ good casting quality
+ all-in offering with lots of PE and metal parts

– some casting problems
– fine printing lines on some components
– instructions a bit crowded
– waterline option only

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