Building Trumpeter’s 1:35 ASLAV PC Phase 3

Trumpeter 1:35 ASLAV PC PHASE III

I started this build as my entry for the 8×8 Campaign over at It was also meant as a practice object before I start the AFV Club M1130Stryker TACP.

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Unboxing Heller’s 1:35 AMX 30 AU F1

Heller 1:35 AMX 30 AU F1 cover

I bought this kit as part of a larger package several months ago and it was just sitting around on the stash since, considering its age (the kit itself seems to be at least 20 years old, probably even more), I knew this was not going to be a modelling highlight.

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Building Trumpeter’s 1:35 KV-1 Small Turret

Russian KV-1 Small Turret

It all started on a bored Sunday afternoon… I was browsing Ebay, looking for bargains out-there. Although, I’m anything but a WWII Russian tanks fanboy, after shortly reading up on the reviews this kit got, I was willing to spent up to 10 EUR on it. Especially, since the same guy was also selling Trumpeter’s  Sturer Emil in 1:35 so I could save on shipping costs and get two kits. Long story short, few days later the friendly postman dropped the package at our door.

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