Inspiration of the month – June 2016

Inspirational bits and bytes from allover the web. June 2016 edition.

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Unboxing the Academy Minicraft 1:144 North American Mustang P-51D

We have lately really got into the habit of visiting the local flee markets in our area. Not really looking for anything but open to fun things.

The same happened last Saturday… While walking between the seller lines, I have noticed a small box in retro design, with the image of an airplane on it. At a second look, I was amazed to identify it as the Academy Minicraft 1:144 North American Mustang P-51D airplane kit!!! Not something you would find around these places, especially such “exotic” looking ones. I must admit, I was totally buffed by how attractive the box art was! One week later, I’m still hooked on it, to be honest!

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Building Trumpeter’s 1:35 KV-1 Small Turret

Russian KV-1 Small Turret

It all started on a bored Sunday afternoon… I was browsing Ebay, looking for bargains out-there. Although, I’m anything but a WWII Russian tanks fanboy, after shortly reading up on the reviews this kit got, I was willing to spent up to 10 EUR on it. Especially, since the same guy was also selling Trumpeter’s  Sturer Emil in 1:35 so I could save on shipping costs and get two kits. Long story short, few days later the friendly postman dropped the package at our door.

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